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They are so selfcentered and irresponsible

I am practically taking care of my pet rabbit for 6years all by myself. It got worse after I went to prevet in university. Now they are delegating all the responsibilieties to me, Father : excuses that he didnt agree with keeping pet at the first time Mother : actually she helps me whenever i feel too discharged to take care of my pet Younger Brother : NOT doing anything, says stupid uhhhh every time I ask him to do run a small errands for him and my father always dont let him do pet chores . He says that brothers allergy is the reason, but i have allergy too! My father is so unfair and stupid when it comes to taking care of pets. My sister : yeah she had done a lot before, but now, all she does is complaining to me.
All my families DO NOT give enough support for me to take care of my pet. The more I work hard the more they criticize me and the more they do nothing
They are a bunch of imbeciles and irresponsible potato sack. I think at least me and my brother would have the two biggest responsibilities but my father and my mother always protects him. The brother, happy that he has less chores, gladly accepts their protection.
Every time I bring the subject to my father since he defends my brother with passion, he always says my brother have an alergy and i agree. What i dont agree is that his allergy is not that bad and I also have an allergy too.
Frustrating incident1 : I was not well in the summer vacation so (we promised to do the cleaning 1 : 1) my brother agreed to do all the cleaning, but STILL, my parents made me do the cleaning whenever they wrre unpleasant. IT'S UNFAIR!! WHEN I GET POWER THEY BECOME OLD, I AM GOING TO IMPOSE THE EXACT REVENGE ON MY FATHER(mom finally got my message at the ALMOST end of the vacation father is stupid)
Now my pet needs medication every day and my brother is naturally out of this daily task. Amd no one accuse him. But everyone accuses me, who takes the best care to my rabbit,for not putting enough effort. And I feel that they never help me. They never thank me. THEY ARE JERKS WHO DONT KNOW HOW TO THANK PROPERLY. AND MY BROTHER IS A IRRESPONSIBLE JERK IMBECILE INCOMPETENT. Never has time for the pet, always has time for his friends, gets zero blames. In contrast to me, who spend massive amount of time, gets all the blame.
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