They are so selfcentered and irresponsible

I am practically taking care of my pet rabbit for 6years all by myself. It got worse after I went to prevet in university. Now they are delegating all the responsibilieties to me, Father : excuses that he didnt agree with keeping pet at the first time Mother : actually she helps me whenever i feel too discharged to take care of my pet Younger Brother : NOT doing anything, says stupid uhhhh every time I ask him to do run a small errands for him and my father always dont let him do pet chores . He says that brothers allergy is the reason, but i have allergy too! My father is so unfair and stupid when it comes to taking care of pets. My sister : yeah she had done a lot before, but now, all she does is complaining to me.
All my families DO NOT give enough support for me to take care of my pet. The more I work hard the more they criticize me and the more they do nothing
They are a bunch of imbeciles and irresponsible potato sack. I think at least me and my brother would have the two biggest responsibilities but my father and my mother always protects him. The brother, happy that he has less chores, gladly accepts their protection.
Every time I bring the subject to my father since he defends my brother with passion, he always says my brother have an alergy and i agree. What i dont agree is that his allergy is not that bad and I also have an allergy too.
Frustrating incident1 : I was not well in the summer vacation so (we promised to do the cleaning 1 : 1) my brother agreed to do all the cleaning, but STILL, my parents made me do the cleaning whenever they wrre unpleasant. IT'S UNFAIR!! WHEN I GET POWER THEY BECOME OLD, I AM GOING TO IMPOSE THE EXACT REVENGE ON MY FATHER(mom finally got my message at the ALMOST end of the vacation father is stupid)
Now my pet needs medication every day and my brother is naturally out of this daily task. Amd no one accuse him. But everyone accuses me, who takes the best care to my rabbit,for not putting enough effort. And I feel that they never help me. They never thank me. THEY ARE JERKS WHO DONT KNOW HOW TO THANK PROPERLY. AND MY BROTHER IS A IRRESPONSIBLE JERK IMBECILE INCOMPETENT. Never has time for the pet, always has time for his friends, gets zero blames. In contrast to me, who spend massive amount of time, gets all the blame.
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I'm sick of being sick twice in less than a month. I want to rip my throat out! After that, I plan on bitching at Sprint for why the hell they charge so much for a termination fee!! And screw this cold weather.

Im so confused...

So I have been dating the same guy for 3 years (he is my first boyfriend), and recently I moved away to college and have started to meet new people and make new friends. Well I met this guy and we really hit it off, so much so that I'm beginning to have feelings for him and I'm pretty sure he has some for me. Like last night for example, Steve (the new guy friend), 2 other friends, and I went out to a playground and were having fun there for awhile, well after we had dropped everybody else off later I still wanted to spend some time with him so we went in my room and layed down and talked. I'm a very physical orientated person so we were close and if I was laying on my back he would have his head resting on my shoulder and if I was on my side he would have his head resting against my back and I loved it. I just feel so comfortable around him and he would say these sweet little comments about how soft my skin was or how nice I smelled and he offered to give me a back massage (I have a bad back) and it was amazing. We fell asleep together and i actually stayed close to him in my sleep which never happens with my boyfriend. I know that what I'm doing is technically cheating and I feel absolutely horrible about it! On one hand my boyfriend can be moody and jealous but he relies on me so much (he has already decided i'm the woman he is going to marry) and I'm the only person he trusts and I know that if I break up with him his whole world would crash and he would be depressed and angry. But on the other hand "Steve" makes me happy and I feel so comfortable around him but I haven't known him for very long. I'm so damn confused and I don't know what to do, i love my boyfriend but I'm starting to love "Steve" too...

Any suggestions?
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I have problems sharing my problems even with people that are the closest to me because I feel that it'll change their perception of me.. I've always been the strong one and I was never the type to have guy problems. i so prided myself on being over to get over anyone and then I met this guy. its been so long and i still miss him. Its not like he treats me badly. He just never lets me move on even though I don't think he wants me in his life. He just confuses me so much.

Worst part is my best friend who was always with me and with whom we shared all boy problems is barely around anymore because she has a new bf. I think he's nice and I am happy for them but sometimes i hate him. i hate him so much because I almost hate her. I was there when she had problems. Can't she do the same??

Sometimes i actually get depressed enough to want to cut myself but I know I wont because it'll hurt my parents too much. But I wish I could because quite frankly i think any outlet would be better than just being.. existing.. i'm not even sure I feel anything anymore.

I wish I was strong enough to cry

I miss my best friend.
She lives a thousand miles away, and she won't come online to talk to me. She's been 'too busy' to exchange so much as an email with me for over a month now. She expects me to believe that she hasn't been online at all during that time.
I bet she's been on every damn day and just has me blocked so I can't see her status...I text her everyday asking if she'll have time for me..most the time I don't get an answer. When I do get an answer, it's something along the lines of 'no, sorry..I won't be home tonight.'
I'm losing her again; she's fucking me over and not giving a shit about how much it's hurting me.
And the terrible thing is..I still love her.
More than anything, the strongest thing I feel for her is love.
This girl has been one of the closet people to me for four years..and she's done this to me before. I lost all contact with her for almost a year, because she was suddenly 'too busy' for me..I just got her back a year ago, and now it seems the cycle is starting all over again.

I want more than anything for her to be happy with the person I am and to love me just as care about me and my happiness..Not to walk all over me and not give a damn when she pushes my face down in the mud.

I can't play these games anymore..I'm tired of being the one that shuts up and lets her take advantage of me. I'm tired of missing out on things I want to do in my life just so I can sit in front of a screen and IM her when she finally finds the time to talk to me. I'm tired of being the one that get's let down all the time. I'm tried of being the one that NEVER lets her down..I'm tired of being the one that's always there, when she never is..I'm tired of being the one who has to hurt. I'm so DAMN tired of being the one who gives a shit, when she clearly doesn't..
And I am so tired of being the one she thinks she can turn away from, and run back to when she suddenly remembers how much she loves me. I'm tired of being the one she feels guilty over for stabbing me in the back. I'm tired of being the one with the open wounds all the time..and I'm tired of her never being there to stitch them back up when I really need her to. I'm sick of how dependent I've been on her, when she's the least dependable person I've ever met. I'm sick of the lies and the deception and the petty bull shit she always pulls..I'm tired of her trying to hurt me, just to see if I'll get angry at her..I'm tried of being her damn toy.

And yet..Now she's not here again, and I'm so frustrated.
I miss her..

I'm losing her,
and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.


i should just give up and react the way he does to things

The guy is frustrated and I can tell in his voice. WTF does he want me to open up to him when he can't easily tell me wtf is going on with him instead of him "being an ass", his words not mine. I simply don't get it. I know I will never understand guys and I don't wish to, I just don't get how damn hard it is to tell someone you supposedly love wtf is on your mind?!?!?

The dean is a ignorant idiot.

I ordered a senior shirt back in September; I decided to put “Slasher” as my nickname, because I thought it would be fun to put it on my shirt so that only fellow slashers would get it.

I just got my shirt today, and the back is blank. Apparently the dean inspects all the names to see if they are school appropriate, and mine didn’t make the cut. Even more frustrating was the fact that the class president was suppose to inform me about it, so I could change my nickname before they send in the order. But my lousy lazybum of a president never bothered to tell me about it.

So now all I have is a lousy blank T-shirt that cost me $15, and it just ruined the week for me.
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