Go Away (ohmyohmy) wrote in just_scream,
Go Away

ok so *maybe* it's not exactly a rant and such.

i dont get why if someone messages you in any way they possibly can and you don't message them back, why do they feel as if you do not want to talk to them? what if i am busy doing something else? sure, i can log off the computer and such but what if it was an emergency and such in which i simply forgot to turn it off? don't get all fucken moody if that's the case and if it's not, don't message other people to message me so i can message you. if i don't message you it's cause im busy, i thought it would be obvious. don't think im simply ignoring you for the fun of it, if i wanted to ignore you i would tell you to leave me alone or that i dont want to talk to you.
i've been dealing with shit over here that i do not care to tell others and you already know that. i told you i dont want to get into details of what i've been going through because it's my business and no one elses and i dont want to bother people with my problems that i feel i cant even make sense of for myself. it's ncie for you to want to help, but i dont want your help, just like i dont want anyone elses. let me be or else im walking away from our friendship. you are pushing too hard to want to know whats going on with me and that will simply make me want to push you away.
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I know exactly what you mean! Thats the most annoying thing ever! ecpecially when its like this...

...(you dont answer)
are you there?
...(you dont answer)
...(you dont answer)
Fine I guess youre not there. :-(
...(still no answer)
I know youre there, stop ignoring me!!!
...(SIGH, you still dont answer)
...(you guessed it, youre still not answering)
I can see you, Im in your window!
...(they havent guessed that you still arent there)
...(no answer)

gotta love those.
ohmy gooooooooooooooooodnes. thats EXACTLY what i'm talking about.